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 When You’re a Member, You’re an Owner

Membership with a credit union means you’re a part owner. This cooperative effort gives your credit union many advantages over other financial institutions. Also, if you’re eligible to be a member, your family is eligible! Discover the many benefits of being a member of Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union!
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1st Quarter 2016 News & Updates Newsletter

  • 91st Annual Meeting
  • Shared Branching is Here!
  • Instant Issue Debit/Credit Cards
  • And More...

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On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, I would like to personally thank each member for continuing to support and utilize your Credit Union. 2016 is well underway and the Annual Meeting was a great success. A special thank you to each member that was able to attend. Each member in attendance was given a new Credit Union Brochure to pass out to a co-worker, family member or friend. I hope you have given the Brochure to someone that can benefit from all of the financial opportunities that we offer our membership. We believe that we are the best financial institution in our area and our dividend and loan rates are the best around. Our automobile loan rates are currently as low as 1.99% for up to 72 months to qualifying members and won’t last forever. If you are in need, or thinking about purchasing a vehicle, don’t wait any longer. Don’t miss out on this low interest rate. Again, thank you for your support and we hope that 2016 will be the best year ever!

Debbie Byrd

‘TIS the Season – for ATM Skimming

Protect Your PIN
Hidden cameras are often used to steal your PIN. Covering the keyboard as you enter your PIN is a simple way to help avoid theft. Never give your PIN to anyone. And, do not use any ATM with a card reader that appears altered.

Stay Away from Unfamiliar ATMs
The safest ATMs are those with the logo of your credit union and, of course, CO-OP ATM.

Check Your Balances Frequently
…And if you notice something wrong, use the contact number on the back of your debit card to report any fraudulent withdrawals.


How low will they go?

Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union has lowered rates again on vehicle loans. For qualified borrowers, the interest rate on new and used vehicles is 1.79% for up to 72 months for vehicles not currently financed with the Credit Union. So, if you recently purchased a vehicle and financed it elsewhere, contact the Credit Union to apply for a loan to refinance the vehicle and see if you qualify to save money. Loans subject to individual credit approval.

  Privacy Notice

Read our Privacy Notice


Did we mention it might be time to UPDATE your information on your accounts at the Credit Union. It is very important that you make sure your account information is current and up to date. Whether you have recently moved, gotten married, divorced, had children, etc. it is a good time to make sure that you have updated or changed any needed information. You might even need to change or add a Beneficiary. Also, if you have an IRA, please make sure that the Beneficiary is correct to avoid any unnecessary burden on your family in case of death. The Credit Union is also able to store email addresses and sometimes that is the easiest way to get in-touch with the member so why not stop by the Credit Union and check it out! We appreciate our members and strive to keep you informed……so, keep us informed! Thanks!

  TellerLine Update
May 2014

Enter your 3 digit credit union identifier. This is the same 3 digits as the old system to identity the credit unions.

The new system will then ask for the account number. This is the same account number the member had with the old system.

*The member will be requested to enter the # sign.

The new system will then ask for the PIN number. This is the same PIN the member had with the old system.

*The member will be requested to enter the # sign.

*The new system will next ask for the type of activity you are requesting.

Account Information, press 1; Transfers. press 2; PIN Change, press 3

*The new system will then require members to select the account.

Example, they will be asked to enter 1# for the share account or 8# for the club account or 4# for the 04 loan.

The new system will then be menu driven to the desired information.

*Indicates a change in the order that information is requested or a change in the process. An example is that members are now requested to enter the# sign after some entries.


We recently upgraded the Enhanced Authentication in Virtual Branch. Beginning on 03/06/2014, the image that currently appears above the Security Code will no longer be displayed. The first time you log on to this site on or after this date, you will be prompted to reenroll in Enhanced Authentication by selecting new security questions and a Security Phrase. To view additional information, click on the "Important - New Security Information" link in the top upper right corner of your online banking page. We are committed to providing the most secure methods available to us in order to protect your sensitive financial data. Thank you for allowing us to serve your financial needs.


If you receive a Text Message on your cellphone stating your Debit Card has been deactivated, please do not respond as this is a scam. The Credit Union DOES NOT send out messages to members by Text at this time. Please contact the Credit Union at 423-892-3738 if you receive a text message on your cellphone. The Credit Union will never ask for any of your personal information as we already have the information that we need. Please do not give out any of your personal information via Text. Thank you for your support.


This is to inform you of the changes made to the MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Disability and Credit Life coverages currently being provided to you through Chattanooga Federal ECU. The following provision changes will be effective February 1, 2012.

  • Your plan of benefits has changed from 30 day Non-Retroactive to 14 day Non-Retroactive. This affects the Total Disability Benefits provision of the Certificate previously given to you. The new provision will provide that instead of being disabled for 30 days with benefits beginning on the 31st day, you must be disabled for 14 days with benefits beginning on the 15th day. In addition to your plan changing, there has also been an adjustment to your rate. The increase in premium could result in a higher last payment or may extend the duration of the loan. The new Credit Disability Insurance rate per $100 of outstanding loan balance is $.22 for the Single Insured Plan.

There is no action necessary on your part to continue coverage if you already have it. In the event you do not want coverage to continue, please notify the credit union.

Click here for a printable version of notice

  Checking at CFECU

Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union does not believe you should pay for the convenience of your debit card and we have no plans to institute a fee as some of the larger financial institutions are doing. Our share draft accounts are the best value in town. You never pay for Visa Debit card fees, online banking, or online Bill Pay. In addition, the number of ATM’s you can use without a surcharge in the Chattanooga area has increased. For a complete listing of free ATM’s you can use, go to and type in your location. If you are paying for these services elsewhere, come talk to us about moving your checking account to your Credit Union.

  AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports Now Available at CFECU

CFECU members can now purchase AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports from the Credit Union for only $10.00 per report. This is a savings of 67% from the regular price. AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports answer questions such as:

  • Has an accident ever been reported on the vehicle?
  • How many people have owned this vehicle?
  • Has the vehicle been damaged by floods, fires, hail or other natural disaster?
  • Is the mileage on the odometer accurate?
  • Has the vehicle ever been recalled?
  • Was the vehicle used as a service vehicle (police car, taxi, etc.)?
  • Has the vehicle ever had a branded title (e.g., junked, salvaged or rebuilt)?
  • Was the vehicle ever repossessed or stolen?
  • Has the vehicle ever been sold at auction?
  • Is there a lien on the vehicle?

If you are looking to purchase a used vehicle, put your mind at ease by reviewing an AutoCheck report first. To obtain a report, contact Deborah, Johnny, Sarah, or Mark. You will need to provide the VIN for the vehicle(s) you would like checked and they can deduct the $10.00 fee per report requested from your account and provide the report within minutes. This is another way the Credit Union is looking out for its members.

  Withholding Notice (Form 2317)

Payments from your IRA are subject to federal income tax withholding, unless you elect no withholding.

You may change your withholding election at any time prior to your receipt of a payment. To change your withholding election, complete the appropriate form provided by your credit union.

Withholding from IRA payments, when combined with other withholding, MAY relieve you from payment of estimated income taxes. However, your withholding election does not affect the amount of income tax you pay.

You may incur penalties under the estimated tax rules if your withholding and estimated tax payments are insufficient.

  Click to read a Notice from the Board and Management regarding the Safety and Soundness of your credit union.

  Auto Loan Rates

If you are looking to buy a new or used vehicle or if you financed your vehicle at the dealer, it’s time to see if we can offer a better deal. Our vehicle loan rates are now as low as:

1.99% for up to 6 years*

*Rate subject to individual credit approval and may vary based on your credit score.


  TruStage Auto and Homeowners Program and Insurance Products. Click here for details.

  A new look for Virtual Branch!  Click here to see the exciting changes.

  “To Buy or to Fix-Up?” ... that is the Question!

With the economy the way it is today, buying a house may be difficult...

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