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Individual Membership

You become an owner of the credit union with your membership. Because of the cooperative effort of all members, your credit union offers several advantages over other costly financial institutions. Your membership is effective as long as you maintain a $25 minimum Share Account balance. Even if you change employers, you will still be eligible for membership. A Share Account, representing shares of ownership, is your primary credit union savings account and is opened with your membership.

Family Membership

If you are eligible for membership and all its benefits, your family members are also eligible. This includes, your spouse and children, your parents, brothers and sisters, your stepchildren and stepparents, and your grandchildren and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Also, all members of your household (those persons living under your roof) are eligible to join. That means any person sharing a residence with you as part of a single family unit, including domestic employees or others who live with you.

Who is Eligible to Join?

Persons eligible for Membership:
The field of membership is limited to those Federal employees and other persons, associations and organizations having the following common bond and association:
  1. Any employee of the U.S. Postal Service living or working within the operational area, as approved by the Commissioner, of the General Mail Facility at Chattanooga. The term employee shall include persons employed as Postmaster Relief, Rural Carrier Associate, Rural Carrier Relief, all temporary employees, and contracted employees with a contract equal to six months or more;
  2. Any employee, contracted employee (with a contract equal to six months or more), or retiree of any department or agency of the Federal Government living or working within the operational area of the General Mail Facility at Chattanooga, as approved by the commissioner.

Employee Group (Business) Membership

Groups of persons with occupational common bonds which are located within the credit union's operational area, which do not presently have credit union service available, and which have no more members in the group than the maximum number established by the Commissioner for additions under this provision: Provided, however, that the Commissioner may permanently or temporarily revoke the power to add groups under this provision upon a finding, in the Tennessee Department of Financial Institution's( TDoFl) discretion, that permitting additions under this provision are not in the best interest of the credit union, its members, or the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Employee groups approved by the Board of Directors under this provision include the following:

  • SA-Hair-A Salon
  • The Title Guaranty and Trust Company
  • Dealers Auto Auction of Chattanooga
  • Associates in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C.
  • Armando's
  • Loomis of Chattanooga
  • Graybar
  • Century Title & Escrow
  • Southeast Total Service

A number of persons by virtue of their close relationships to a common bond group in the field of membership. These include the following:
  1. Spouses of persons who died within the field of membership,
  2. Employees of the Credit Union,
  3. Immediate families of eligible members or immediate family members of persons eligible for Credit Union membership. Immediate family is defined as any relative by blood or marriage or legal adoption or legal guardianship,
  4. Volunteers for member organizations.

Election and Qualification of Members:
Membership is determined by election by the Board of Directors as hereinafter provided and by subscription to five (5) or more shares by payment for them in full as hereinafter provided.