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3rd Quarter 2016 News & Updates Newsletter

  • Coming Soon... Instant Issue Debit / Credit Cards
  • E-Statements Are Coming
  • Mortgage Interest Rates Drop Again!
  • And More...
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Rates … Rates … Rates

What are all the rumors about the lowest rates in town? The Credit Union has a deal for you! The Board of Directors and Management have done the math and it’s time to get down to business! Your Credit Union has money to loan and want to share the funds with the membership by lowering the loan rates. Our loan rates are the best rates in town so check it out and start making plans to spend some money!

Home loans are included in these rate reductions so maybe its time to purchase that much needed home for your family. Cars, furniture, jewelry, boats, motorcycles, clothing, dental work, bill consolidation, you name it, you apply, and if at all possible, the Credit Union will make this the greatest year yet. Call or come by the Credit Union and our friendly Member Service Representatives will get you started. The rest is up to you!

The funds are available so call today! (Risk-based lending rules apply.) See Loan Rates

Safe Deposit Boxes are Available...Inexpensive Too!

In order to accommodate our membership, we increased our number of safe deposit boxes by 36 new boxes. Some have been taken but not all are rented out as of now. The boxes range from $25.00 to $75.00 per year rental. Compared to competition this is inexpensive and convenient! So stop by or call the Credit Union to get a box rented before they are all gone.

Get Your Check-Ups

Your Credit Report and You
Many people don’t realize they are victims of identity theft until long after the initial crime occurred. Identity thieves often try to hide the crimes for as long as possible so that they can access more money. To stop the crimes as soon as possible, make sure you carefully check your credit reports regularly. Your credit reports are important tools for limiting the amount of damage a thief can cause.

How to Read Your Credit Report
  • Check to make sure you are aware of all accounts listed, and balances are what you expect them to be.
  • Look for anything suspicious in the section that lists who has received a copy of your credit history. Some identity thieves “pretext” by posing as landlord or employer.
  • Make sure no inquires have been made about loans or leases you didn’t apply for.
  • Check for addresses where you have never lived.
  • Check for typos in your social security number.
  • If there is any incorrect information in the records, contact the credit bureau, creditor, employer, or government agency immediately. Follow up with a letter describing what actions were taken. Your protections are stronger if you report the problem quickly and in writing.
You are entitled to receive one free credit report every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This free credit report can be requested by visiting and following the instructions listed.
Get Your Credit Report

Address Alert!

If you have moved, as there seems to be a lot of our members moving and changing addresses, it is very important that you notify the Credit Union in writing or stop by the Credit Union to let us know your new address. By doing this you avoid not getting your statement on a timely basis. If you moved recently, and can not remember telling us of the move, please do so as soon as possible. Also understand we can not take the change over the phone or by fax due to the new privacy laws in effect. With identity fraud as prevalent as it is today, we cannot afford your information being inaccurate or not being yours.